Tutoriel confection trousse en forme de culotte

Dear friends, I would like to suggest a very funny idea, a tutorial to help you sew a panty shaped kit.

Recommended fabrics and supplies:

  • Outer fabric: Printed cotton from nikitaloup.com 38 x 28cm
  • Lining 1: Cotton or other fabric 38 x 28cm
  • Lining 2: Fleece or fleece to shape your kit 37 x 27cm
  • Zip 20cm
  • Lace 72cm + small piece of ribbon

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1) Download the sewing pattern for free

This pattern is drawn on a full size A4 sheet of paper but be careful, it does not include margins for the seams. You must therefore add 1cm of seam margins everywhere, except at the bottom of the panties where you must fold the fabric in half.

Click here to download the sewing pattern!

2) Cut out the shapes with the pattern

(Photo 1)
• Cut 1 piece of outdoor fabric, folding the fabric in half.
• Cut 1 piece of fabric for the lining by folding it in half.
• Cut 1 piece of fleece for the shape, folding it in half.

tuto trousse culotte découpage tissu

3) Assemble the kit in the shape of a panty

Sew the lace on the outside piece by placing it at a distance of 1.5cm from the edge (Photo 2).

Tuto trousse culotte dentelle

Then sew the zip onto the outside piece (Photo 3 and 4). Sew all 4 sides of this piece (Photo 5).

Tutoriel trousse couture fermeture éclaireTutoriel trousse couture fermeture éclaireTutoriel trousse couture fermeture éclaire

Pin the fleece of the lining to the wrong side (Photo 6).
Assemble the 2 pieces, the outer piece of fabric and the lining with the fleece at the zip. Then sew the 4 sides of the lining with the fleece, but don't forget to leave a hole of about 12cm so that you can turn your project right side up (Photo 7).

Sewing kit assembly tutorial

Tutoriel trousse couture assemblageTutoriel trousse couture assemblage

Turn your kit upside down and close the hole by sewing (Photo 8).

Tutoriel trousse couture assemblage


And there you have it, your superb kit is well done!

Tutoriel trousse culotte couture


You can find the fabric used for this tutorial by clicking on the image below !

tissu en coton imprimé Mickey Minnie Mouse