Sewing tutorial : Christmas sock

Prepare for Christmas ahead of time by making your socks

Hello sewing enthusiasts!
Are you looking for a little originality in your decorating? This time, we suggest you anticipate Christmas by sewing beautiful Socks, but not with the usual colours. To this end, we have prepared a sewing pattern for you and made a few copies with the Lol Surprise fabric. This will be a change from red and green. :)

And that's not all, because we're also giving away the sockor surprise Lol fabric used in demonstration in this tutorial. They are a coupon allowing you to receive a Lol surprise fabric Pink background (50 x 60cm)or a Lol surprise Christmas Sock (see conditions below).

We have taken some photos of our work with the Lol Surprise fabric:

Sewing tutorial : Christmas sockSewing tutorial : Christmas sock

Advised materials for this model:

- Lol fabric 50 x 50cm + Bonbons fabric 37 x 15cm or just Lol fabric 50 x 60cm from nikitaloup.com

- Lining: 100% Cotton + Fleece (to give shape) 50 x 60cm each

- A 37cm ribbon

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Download the sewing pattern to print

This pattern is drawn on A4 sheets in real size but beware, it does not include the margins for the seams. So you need to add 1cm of seam allowance everywhere.

Click here to download the sewing pattern!

Are you seduced by the Lol Surprise fabric?

You can find the fabric used for this tutorial by clicking on the image below!