Making a gift for your mother

Dear visitors, on the eve of our beloved mothers' day, we have a great gift idea. We would like to share with you the tutorial that will allow you to sew a very original handbag from old jeans and printed cotton. We all know that the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. That's why this tutorial will allow you to make your own great gift.

And that's not all, as we are also offering you the fabric with the cats used in this tutorial. It is a coupon of the multicoloured cat fabric 50 x 160cm (see conditions below).

This is what the bag looks like up close:


Recommended fabrics for this model :

- Outer fabric: denim and printed cotton from nikitaloup.com

- Lining: Plain cotton from nikitaloup.com

- Lining 2: Fleece or fleece to shape your bag - a strip of 11 x 112cm sewn onto the middle piece on the back of the fabric

Our shop offers a large collection of fabrics. Click below to discover it!

Download the free sewing pattern for your bag

This pattern is drawn on A4 sheets in real size but beware, it does not include the margins for the seams. So you need to add 1cm of seam allowance everywhere

Click here to download the sewing pattern!

Here is the same bag with different printed fabric patterns:



You can find the fabric used for this tutorial by clicking on the image below!